I thoroughly enjoyed my wellness coaching sessions with Jisele! I learned a great deal from her and found her to be very easy to talk to , very personable, and a true delight. Jisele has the gift of being able to really listen to her clients and hone in on important aspects of what the client is saying, what their needs may be. She is patient as she listens, thoughtful as she forms her responses and very helpful. I found that she has a great knowledge of her subject…wellness, and is enthusiastic, not judgmental, and does all this with the most delightful sense of humor! I would recommend that everyone do some sessions with Jisele. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how to take charge of your wellness, improve your life, make new goals, and start changing your life for the better. You’ll be blessed to spend time with such a warm, passionate, smart lady whose purpose is to help YOU.
~Teddie A.,  Austin, TX

Thanks Jisele for the amazing retreat that you had last June. It was truly a gift to myself. My body, mind and spirit were nourished beautifully with all the activities and food you had for us, they were like vitamins for my whole being! , after the retreat I stopped at a friends home to return some items I had borrow from her and she said “your face looks amazing”, I smiled and said it was from the face lift that Jisele taught us, and the food, and the peaceful place and the belly dancing!!!!! Thanks again Jisele, I am looking forward for your  next retreat.
~Clara, TX

“Jisele organized a beautiful event that celebrated women and allowed us all to honor our beauty, inside and out, while stretching our comfort zones and creating a community of wonderful women.  Jisele has a marvelous vision and her passion is contagious!”

~Anne Timpany

The Evening of Elegance was such an inspirational event to celebrate our beauty and value as women!!   Only Jisele would draw us into such a fun evening together!  It was a first for me.  There was so much care that she had put into all the arrangements for our evening together.  It was a heart-felt experience of feeling like honored guests & treasured friends, feeling enlivened, meeting others and sharing laughter together. I will always remember it!!  Thank you so much, Jisele!
~ Shakti Cain

I am looking forward to my next class with Jisele.  The first two were fascinating.  Jisele is a natural teacher and her enthusiasm radiates throughout the class.  She is well organized in both her teaching and her handouts.  The recipes are delicious and the shopping lists are a great help.  Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a totally different manner of meal preparation—-Delicious!!

~Carolyn I

Jisele has so much passion for raw living foods! Her ability to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for raw food is truly a gift. She is totally committed to helping others to have healthy, vibrant lives while having fun in the process! Thanks Jisele for sharing your recipes, tips and unique perspectives!
~Anne T., Idaho Falls, ID

I got so inspired by watching your Dreamsicle video that I went directly to the kitchen and made one for breakfast! It was delicious and super easy to make! It kept me going all morning until lunch. My mom’s reaction to sampling this smoothie was “great dream!”
~Gail D., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I ate my Chia pet!  This was how I greeted my family after returning from
a belly dance/raw food workshop that Jisele hosted. Truth be told, the only reason I tried the Chia pudding made with almond milk was so I could utter that pronouncement.  What a surprise to really find it amazingly delicious! Since that experience I have been much more open to eating “raw”. As a chocoholic let me also warn you that the peanut butter chocolate fudge and the chocolate macaroons are also awesome!

~Angela S., Idaho Falls, ID

(In reference to the Evening of Elegance raw food menu)
The avocado dip was good.  I liked the cashew butter dip for the strawberries but my favorite is the peanut butter fudge!

~Vera G., Idaho Falls, ID

Every so often Jisele stops by with one of her latest creations. It’s always a tasty surprise (especially when it’s chocolate).  These treats lift you up with no sugar crash.  Thanks Jisele!
Joe S., Idaho Falls ID

 The green smoothie was great!  It was wonderful that you could use all sorts of raw foods that you had on hand!   The smoothie was absolutely delicious (even though it was really green!).

The chocolate & peanut butter bars were fabulous.  A great way to have your sweets!  A small piece goes a long way.

~Barb L., Newbury, OH

What can I say about Jisele’s mastery of raw food recipes and lifestyle?  

What I have had the honor to try has all been divine.  I have always been one to sit in the garden munching on carrots, radishes, and maybe even a red potato between pulling the weeds.

I sincerely think the chocolate morsels are a very tempting delight and the stuffed mushrooms give meaning to life and are very filling.

 I do say I would prefer cashew cream over cool whip any day of the week.

~Nancy B., Idaho Falls, ID

This was a very pleasant experience for a person who has always detested preparing food. It was simple enough for me to do on a day to day basis.

~Michelle, TX


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