Dancing Into Spring!

Do you want to live life with a spring in your step?
How many desires to you have that you want to spring forward into?
Well Spring is in the air (with maybe a bit of a chill still lingering), and it is just around the corner!
Winter is a time of stillness, reflection and dying to old ways that no longer serve you.
Spring is a time of newness, new birth, transformation, growth and blossoming into a fresh, new and more empowered YOU!
NOW is the time to decide what you really want in your life.
That also goes for what you will no longer tolerate. You get to choose.
Wow! When I hear that I feel like a kid at Christmas with so many beautiful gifts to choose from and I get to decide what I want to open up first.
Life is full of wonderful treasures to choose from and part of springing forward into your fullest expression and into your greatness is putting foods into your body that makes you feel like dancing!
Feed your precious body with foods that fill you with energy! Fresh fruits, veggies, green smoothies and or juicing.
Make your life simple and fun.
Find balance in your daily activities and ALWAYS incorporate play into your day, even if it is singing or dancing or being a kid with your children.
Did you notice how I emphasized the word ALWAYS…… I think you get my drift.
Are you ready to spring into your best life?
OK then let’s do it!

Loves and hugs,

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