Forward is the only Option!

How many times does the past influence your life?

Does it influence your life in a positive way or a negative way?

In order to live life to the fullest and in our greatest expression of ourselves we need to learn from the past and leave the rest behind.

Too many times the past, especially situations or memories that are upsetting or hurtful latch on as tight as it can to follow you throughout your life.

But you get to choose.  Usually when there are painful memories and you find yourself repeating the story or replaying the scene over and over again you may want to consider taking time to do some forgiveness work.

To forgive is to let go or release it so you can free YOURSELF up to move into your own greater good.

Forgiveness isn’t about allowing people to walk on you or abuse you AND it isn’t about excusing someone’s hurtful behavior.

If someone has mistreated you in someway you need to separate yourself from them and if necessary report them to the proper authorities.

Then forgive them and release them and yourself to both of your highest good and move FORWARD in your life and leave the past behind.

When I mentioned that forgiveness and releasing the other person as well as yourself to both of your highest good that is because ultimately we are all good.

Unfortunately for whatever reason some people choose to behave badly but it is not up to you to fix them, just love them where they are at and love yourself enough to move FORWARD!

Much love in your journey!







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