Fun Fitness

Exercise doesn’t have to be a dirty word.  Another word for exercise is fitness and why not make the experience fun and playful!  Choose a fitness program that you enjoy.  Try different forms of exercise or fitness to see which one works best for you.

Ask a friend to join you as you move into more vibrant health and energy.Ask your friend to be your accountability partner.  Set your intention for your fitness goals and have your accountability partner to check in with you and encourage you to stay on track.

This is a gift that is then returned as you both reach your desired goals.Walking, jogging, swimming,dancing, hiking, etc. are just a few choices of excellent fitness programs.

 Some of my favorite forms of fitness are Belly Dancing and Ball Room Dancing.

Dancing makes me feel alive!
It can be sexy and  playful and that is the feeling I want for you.
It is a feeling that helps you look forward to your daily fitness routine.

For variety mix it up a bit. Start with 10 minutes and then work up to an hour at least 5 times a week.  Alternate your workout with some resistance training or weight training to build strong bones.Have fun with it and it will be easier to stick with it.

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