Honoring Your Body

Honoring the body and it’s need to have time to rejuvenate is important because our bodies are the vehicles that take us through this precious experience we call life.

Eating nutritious foods to nourish the cells of the body and giving the organs a change to rest and rebuild through fasting one day a week need to be complimented with having restful sleep.

Which brings me to:

Tip #3

When you are having restful sleep then your body can easily go into healing and repair mode.

Restful sleep is a time of calm and deep sleep in which you awaken feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

Going to bed no latter than 10 pm and arising 8 hours later, preferaby by 6 am is ideal.

The times between 10 pm & 2 am  is when the hormones are doing their best repair and rebalancing.

This requires you to be asleep.

Pertaining to attaining and maintaining youthfulness, beauty and vibrant health the hours before 10 pm add to your overall looks and well being.

The later you stay up past 10 pm adds to and accelerates the aging process which shows up as pre mature aging and tiredness in the morning and can continue throughout the day.

When getting ready for sleep there are several things you want to avoid

  • No television

  • Computer, clocks or any other electronic lights

  • Stale air

  • Toxic/ negative conversation

  • A full stomach

I highly reccommend not having a television or computer in your room where you sleep.  The EMF’s or ElectroMagneticField off of the electronics can be disruptive to sound sleep.

Or have your bed on the otherside of the room so you are not lying right next to it.

With a television the temptation to watch it up until you sleep can be too stimulating and can influence your dreams in a negative way depending on what you are watching.

With lights on electronics, if you need to, just cover them up so the room is as dark as possible for restful sleep.

Open a window for fresh air, even if just a crack, avoid being around negative people, situations, including the news or violent shows, and stop eating 3-4 hours prior to sleep so that digestion is complete and your bodies energy can focus on repair.


For more tips, ideas or a conversation about  natural beauty, vibrant health and youthfulness at any age you can contact me for a complimentary consultation at 


Vibrant health, beauty and youthfulness is a choice and can be easily attained and maintained.

Live life to the fullest in ways that compliment your body!



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