Living for Today!

Life can be full of laughter, joy, appreciation, gratitude and love or it can be fragmented with worry, sorrow, guilt, uncertainties and other uncomfortable moments.

Living for today is a time to be in the moment as much as possible so that the fullness of life is recognized with all of it’s gifts, opportunities to learn and grow and moments to express the truth of who you are.

The other emotions which don’t feel well in your body are usually attached to something in the past which is done and over with or fear of the unknown or the future.

So why not CHOOSE to live fully for today instead and make the most of your life from this moment on?

Life is so much richer from that perspective.

Love your past and learn from it.  What worked for you and what didn’t work?

Consider it a message, a gift to move you into your best and highest self.

Living for today is a powerful gift not only for yourself but for everyone around you because people learn from our example.  This is how healing ripples throughout the world.

Recognize when you aren’t feeling your best in your body and in your emotions and know that you are not living in the present moment.

Do a check in to see what is emotionally “weighing you down” and make a decision to set yourself free by being thankful for the message of the past, knowing you did the best you could with the knowledge you had in the moment and let it go.

Concerns of the future?

Make a decision to decide what it is you DO WANT and don’t let the negative “what ifs” cloud your vision.

Live for today!  Love, appreciate and be grateful for all the beauty in your life………and that includes the beauty of you!IMG_20140512_111744

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