Natural Hormone Balance

Hormone imbalance can happen at any age and in both genders.  Eating foods that feed the cells of the body instead of deplete them help the body to balance itself.  This also includes the hormones.

When children go through puberty it is an awkward stage for them as they are discovering their bodies and their world.  When the hormones are out of balance it creates more confusion and inability to focus in school.

If children are consuming a SAD diet or Standard American Diet it is easier for the body to rebel from the toxins through blemishes, acne, headaches and more.

As children are learning about their bodies they are very self conscious and skin breakouts along with confusion from hormonal imbalance can lead to depression and/ or anxiety.

PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is another sign of hormone imbalance which can clearly be relieved by cleaning up the toxins in the body by way of improving the diet.

This can be done by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet and taking measures to clean the colon by using enemas or Colonics (colon hydration).

To find out more about colon hydration click on the link below.

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Symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, depression, confusion and brain fog  can occur during pre menopause and/or menopause if the body has been on a Standard American Diet .

When foods are constantly consumed with little to no nutritional value then the body has no other choice but to start breaking down which shows up as imbalances and disease.

For easy and delicious recipes using foods that build and nourish the body click on the link below.

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