Never lose your childlike nature.

Ah to be a child again….
In essence you never lose that childlike nature, it just becomes buried under all of the shoulds, shouldn’ts and the mass consciousness beliefs or views about the way things need to be at a certain age.
My opinion……hogwash!
Let me explain.
Just because you reach a certain age in life doesn’t mean you should stop doing things that bring you joy and make you feel alive.IMAG1458
For example….
What is this bit about a woman should not have long hair after her 40’s or 50’s or when you become an adult you shouldn’t act a certain way like swinging in a swing or skipping or being goofy for no reason?
What is so bad about living life in joy, playfulness and expressing who you really are?
Who ever made up these rules of should nots after a certain age had to be absolutely miserable!
Just remember there is a big difference between being childish and being childlike.
So live your life in joy!

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