Delicious Raw Food Recipes for Beauty & Youthfulness

E book

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  • Chapter One-The Easiest Way to Get Started
  • Chapter Two- How to Get Your Family On Board
  • Chapter Three-Affordable Choices
  • Chapter Six- Quick & Simple Smoothies & Shakes
  • Chapter Seven- Breakfast Recipes
  • Chapter Eight- Lunch & Dinner Recipes
  • Chapter Nine- Dressings
  • Chapter Ten- Yummy Desserts                                             
  • Chapter Twelve- Anti-Aging Tips
  • And More!

More delicious to live for recipes plus tips and guidance for lasting natural beauty and youthful appearance.


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Simple Solutions for a Sexy & Slender Body with Raw Life Enhancing Foods” Second Edition

This book is an easy read which addresses numerous concerns like how to get enough  protein and calcium, weight loss without counting calories and balancing hormones naturally and so much more. 

It includes recipes, a two week journal to assist you in your transformation and a complimentary 45 minute phone consultation with Jisele to gently guide you in the process. The revised version, (paperback) also addresses “Raw Food & Spirituality” and “Affordable Raw Foods”.  This needed to be addressed as they are both so important to our daily concerns and growth.

**Includes a link to over 70 videos of food prep and inspirational talks with me.

– Only $16.95

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Simple Solutions for a Sexy & Slender Body Second Edition


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