Radiant Skin

Radiant skin is a natural side effect of healthy eating and skin care.  The more fresh fruits and vegetables you consume in their natural state, (raw) the clearer the skin becomes.  Blemishes begin to clear and your skin becomes softer to touch.Radiant Skin

Eating raw foods keeps the digestion, eliminations and circulatory system in good working order which means toxins can move out of the body more easily.  The more toxins eliminated from the system the clearer your skin will become.  Spots which are called liver spots can be eliminated by cleansing the liver and the colon.  Colonics are a wonderful addition to the raw food lifestyle which is a blessing in clearing and healing the body of toxins.

(Refer to The Essene Gospel of Peace Book One)

Keeping the skin clean of dead skin cells through skin brushing helps the skin to breathe.
You can use a loofa or skin brush to brush the skin.
Starting from the bottom of the feet brush upward toward the heart in brisk strokes.
Use medium to firm pressure.  Feel what pressure is good for you.  If necessary start with lighter pressure and then slowly increase.
Continue up each leg and the buttocks.
When reaching the abdomen you want to use circular motions clockwise because that also assist in the function of the colon.
The colon goes from ascending colon to the transverse colon and then down into the descending colons all in a clockwise direction.
This also helps with digestion and elimination.
Avoid the breast area as the tissue is extremely sensitive.
Brush upward on the arms to the shoulders and downward from the neck and shoulders to the back.
When brushing the face use a soft shoe brush or facial brush and brush in circular motions while using a gentle cleanser.
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