Raw Food and Spirituality

As you consume more raw living foods your body becomes cleaner and your thoughts becoming clearer and more focused.  The longer you live the raw food lifestyle the more you notice that you become sharper in your intuition.
You become more creative.
You are filled with inspiration and more appreciation of life.
Your eyes become brighter.
Your skin becomes softer.
Your heart becomes filled with more compassion and understanding and you begin to have a stronger sense of connectedness to your Source.

Your Source could be referred to as God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Higher Self or whatever you choose to call it.
A recognition of your oneness with your Source becomes more obvious and you begin to feel a sense of peace within the oneness.

Life takes on a different perspective because you are coming from a cleaner, clearer and more “in tuned” place.

Once the body is cleared of toxins and the body system has had a chance to rebalance itself then a clearer connectedness is the natural outcome.

When the body is clogged with excess waste and putrefication of undigested foods then illness is the natural state of events under such harsh circumstances.
As the Standard American Diet or SAD diet continues to be the norm then the body slowly breaks down into a slow death.  This is called premature aging and disease.

The beauty of this is that with a single choice or decision health, clarity and Spiritual attonement can be obtained.
Attonement means at-one-ment.  In other words being in tune, aware and connected with your Source.

In the Essene Gospel of Peace-Book One, Jesus speaks to his diciples and teaches them how to clear their bodies of the ravages of “sin”.
In this text sin is referred to as the misuse of the body by difiling the body temple with substances which takes life away.

Jesus teaches them to “eat from the table of the earthly mother and allow only the angel of sun to heat their food”.  He also teaches them to enjoy the bounty of the mother earth and to leave the table before becoming full.

It is an interesting read and is very clear on how to nourish the body for long and healthy living.

I want to make myself clear that I am not referring to religion but to Spirituality which is the unconditional and loving connection that we all have with the Source or God of our understanding.

I highly recommend the Essene Gospel of Peace-Book One for your further investigation and study of the raw food lifestyle.

Peace be with you.

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