Easy Weight Loss

Yes, weight and inch loss can be easy and does not need to be a struggle.  Eating raw foods help to slenderize and energize your body, literally!

Since raw living foods still have the vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact than the body is satiated quicker and the desire to eat more food isn’t there.  You will find that the more foods you consume in their natural state that you require less food to feel satisfied.  Losing the extra weight and inches is a natural side effect of the raw food lifestyle.

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When a person continues to eat large amounts of food in order to feel satisfied the weight piles on.  The food is full of calories but empty of the nutrition the body needs.  Add the preservatives, sugar, dairy, saturated fats, additives, etc. and the digestive system is struggling even harder to break down the hard and sometimes foreign substances.  Not only are excess calories piling on the body when cooked foods are consumed but with the large amounts consumed the harder it is on the digestive system and the slower the transit time through the intestines and colon.  So much so that a lot of foods don’t make it through the colon and instead get lodged within pockets in the colon and become putrefied.

This can then create more belly “pooch” and gas.

Fresh fruits and vegetables assist in cleansing and building the system as it is providing the tools for the body to re-balance and heal itself.  The body is designed to heal itself if provided with life giving foods.

When losing excess weight and inches in this manner you are providing your body with a solid foundation of health.  Crash, starvation diets or consuming the harsh “diet” pills that are heavily promoted only serve to traumatize the system and chances are the excess weight and inches pile back on and even more once the “diet” ceases to be used.

Consuming fresh foods are a big part of weight and inch loss in a way that is safe and nurturing to the body but there are also other factors that need to be noted.

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  • Finding a fun fitness program is important as it helps the circulation and drains the lymphatic system of built up toxins.

  • Having a good attitude which means sometimes making a shift in your perception of life is beneficial to healthy weight and inch loss.

  • Making time to play and to feed your mind with thoughts of joy and encouragement are important.

  • Choosing your friends wisely who are uplifting and inspirational are part of your healthy weight loss journey.

  • Letting go of people, places or things that don’t serve your highest good creates peace of mind and of body. This means no drama, whining, complaining or negative anything in your life, yours or anyone else’s.

OK here is what I suggest.  If you have something that is bugging you and you just need to get it off of your chest then find a good friend who is a good listener and give yourself 10 full minutes of full out expression!  AND then let it go with the word and the intention of NEXT?

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