Two Steps Forward & One Step Back

Do you ever get that feeling that you know what you want to do in your life and when you move forward on it something happens to slow you down a bit?

You  may feel like you are picking up momentum, you are making great strides forward and  then something seems to show up that puts you back a step or two…….or does it really?

In my travels I am learning a lot about decisions, expectations and allowing unexpected things to “show up” in my life and learning how to shift my perspective about such “happenings”.

I know when I decided to move forward on this opportunity to go to Santa Fe that I was jumping into new, “unexplored” territory for myself anyway.

I was able to push and stretch out of my comfort zone and take those steps forward……where no woman… least this one….has gone before.

Have I found myself having to step back a bit or is it really a grand opportunity to grow, (possibly at a quicker rate than I expected), before I move forward again?

What I’m asking you to consider is this.

When you are on a “journey” shall we say and find unexpected …..hmmm…surprises if you will and you feel it has set you back than I would ask of you to see it as a way of learning more about yourself.

You will not only learn about yourself at a much deeper and profound level but you become stronger and even more “fine tuned” for the next grand step into your next step forward.

I would love to hear about your experiences in your journey forward and how you feel you have benefited from them.

Have a beautiful life and Ultreya…….(move forward with courage)



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