Vibrant Body

Vibrant health and energy are so important to living a fulfilling life!
A big part of a vibrant body is the food and beverages that are consumed.
Why?  Because we are what we eat. vibrant body 2

I know that says kind of strange for some, but what goes in determines how you feel.

If you put foods and beverages into your body system that are devoid of nutrition then the body doesn’t have the fuel it needs to replenish and rejuvenate itself. 
Eating living foods which consist of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, smoothies and/or juicing have an abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes which feed the cells of your body and create vibrant health and energy!  The fresher and preferably organic the foods are the more life is given to the body.vibrant body 1

Foods that are heated over 115 degrees lose most if not all of their nutritional value and the tendency to overeat is common.  The reason for this is because the body is still looking to feel satisfied and nourished and if the nutrition isn’t in the food then it isn’t getting to the cells of your body.

Beverages that have been sweetened with artificial sweetners such as Aspartame, NutraSweet and Saccharin are toxic to say the least and cause inflammation in the body.  Alcohol is harsh on the whole body system and can be damaging to the liver, brain cells and much more!vibrant body 3

Did you know that for most people when the body matures throughout the years that the Pineal gland has a tendency to shrink?  The Pineal gland is seated in the area of the third eye in the forehead and has been known for clear intuition and connectedness.

When I say that this happens to most people I’m referring to people on the Standard American Diet or SAD for short.

The reason this very important gland shrinks is because the foods and beverages on the SAD diet or devoid of the nutrition that the body needs in order to thrive.  The good news is that the more you incorporate raw living foods and beverages into your diet the Pineal gland is nourished as is all of the other organs of the body and healing and balance begin to take place in the body.vibrant body 4

You have clearer focus, sharper intuition, clearer skin, balanced hormones and the signs of premature aging begin to fade.

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