A Bun Dance

Today’s word is Abundance or rather A Bun Dance. lol!

I recently heard an amazing speaker who helped me to shift the way I look at things.

She brought up the topic of scarcity thinking and how so many people, including myself, have fallen into this pit of lack thinking.

Also known as stinken thinken……

She said instead of dwelling in Scare City……go instead to doing A Bun Dance, (and she playfully danced in the demonstration).

As a dancer myself, I could so relate to what she was saying and how dancing my buns around and doing A Bun Dance always lifted my spirits and brought me joy.

This in return, raises my vibrational frequency to a higher level, (we are all energy), and the magic begins.

Meaning you attract more Abundance of many different forms into your life.

The abundance of love, friendship, money, etc. starts to flow into your life experience.

So anytime you find yourself participating in the dreaded and life sucking Scare City, put on some music and do A Bun Dance!

In Joy!


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Everyone has one.

Everyone has one and that is an opinion.

Does that mean it is right? Depends on your perception.

Maybe yes, maybe no, but let’s look at this a little closer.

We as spiritual beings in human bodies, are always trying on different “suits” if you will to see how certain thoughts, beliefs and opinions feel as we try them on.

I think too that sometimes an opinion may be expressed to see what kind of reaction or response we can get from another person.

We are curious creatures after all.  AND it is okay to express how you feel as long as it comes from a space of love instead of egoic,”I am right, no matter what!”

If you ever feel yourself coming from that space, you may want to consider what it is that you are protecting yourself from and why you feel the need to defend your beliefs and position.

Step back and be the observer, do a body check and then decide if your opinion really serves you and the other person or if it is an illusion of security and possibly hurtful to the other person.

Remember love, for yourself and for others.

Be gentle with yourself and continue to try on different “suits” AND really feel into it and see if it feels light and uplifting or heavy and defensive.


Move forward with courage and love and have a happy and safe New Year!



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Challenge or gift?

Do you feel sometimes that you are faced with challenges?

There are moments life can feel like a roller coaster and you may feel like your hanging on for dear life.

But what if you instead viewed these “challenges”  as  gifts?

What you say!  That’s crazy!  Is it really?

Let me explain where I am coming from.

Challenges to me are really gifts in disguise because they usually make you stronger and they give you the opportunity to open up to new possibilities.

When something appears negative or you feel something isn’t going the way you think it should or life “throws you a curve” with an unexpected circumstance, how can you find the gift in that?

If I may, I will use myself to explain.

I was in a situation several months back where I was living in an environment that was extremely chaotic and stressful to the point of me being physically ill for 6 weeks and even driving myself to the ER because of a high fever that wouldn’t break.

My body was clearly talking to me and trying to communicate  that I  needed to stop stuffing my emotions and allowing a certain person to walk all over me and stand up to the situation and speak my mind, (in as calm of a manner as possible) in order to communicate how I felt and to let the person know that their behavior would no longer be tolerated.

In speaking up and no longer holding things in, I broke the pattern of being sick and became stronger within myself.

The challenge clearly became a gift in that I learned  how to take better care of myself.

What challenges are you finding in your life and what is the gift in it for you?

How is it making you stronger, more aware, wiser or perhaps gives you more clarity in your life and what the next step is for you to take in your journey forward?

Definitely something to ponder .


Go forth with courage and love!


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True Peace Comes From Within

Another beautiful sunny day here in Buda, TX  going into a peaceful evening with a slight breeze and the sound of crickets as I’m swinging ever so gently in the porch swing.

I’ve decided I have developed a love affair with this swing and how it rocks me back and forth in a most relaxing way which brings me peace of mind and body.

Peace.  How many are searching for peace?

When in reality peace is right where we are and that is when we make the decision to allow it to unfold in our lives.

Peace is an attitude which can then become a deep and soothing feeling to the soul.

How does one generate peace within?

Through gratitude and taking the time to celebrate your wins no matter how small, even if it is being grateful for the light breeze that caresses your face and hair, or the touch of a lovers hand, (even if only in your imagination), the intricate design of a spiders web, the sound of crickets, the unconditional love of your pet or a hug from a friend or loved one.

True peace starts from within and then radiates out into the world.

What are you grateful for right now and how can you generate more peace in your world and thus outwardly to all living creatures?

Be the beacon of light in the world.

Taking care of the world

Don’t search endlessly for a peace that you are already gifted with.

No matter what your circumstance is, focus and find the peace within and allow it to grow.

Feel it as a healing balm to your soul and radiate it out into the world.


Go forward in courage and love!


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What Does Courage Mean to You?

What does courage mean to you?

Being afraid and doing it anyway?

Stepping out of your comfort zone (Which can be uncomfortably comfortable when you think about it,)

Making a decision to do something that may create waves or upset someone?

Standing tall and confident when you feel really insignificant and shaking inside?

To me, courage means transformation which originally encompasses all of the above.

Courage also means to step boldly into the unknown, especially when the known isn’t creating happiness and growth in your life.

What do I mean by that?

How many times have you found yourself in the same situation or pattern of doing things and when you are honest with yourself you find that it doesn’t feed your soul and can be physically and emotionally draining to you?

Wouldn’t you say it is time to do something different and to take a different and most likely a very bold step into something different that feeds your spirit instead of depletes it?

Something different that could move you forward into a beautiful and transformed state or higher expression of who you really are?

With love and the highest intentions to see you thrive and to ” spread your wings and fly” I ask you why not?  And I also ask you, “Isn’t it time for you to love yourself enough to do that for yourself?

Is this selfish?  Honestly it is selfish not to do this because when the foundation, you, is not strong or happy, then your friends, loved ones and the world are cheated out of the beautiful gifts you have to offer them.

As a Vibrant Living Coach and Women’s Advocate, I invite you to take some time to step forward in courage into the greatest possibilities that are within you just waiting to be released.

As Les Brown says, “There is greatness within you” and it is time to set her free.

I invite you to take the first step by taking some time to nurture your own spirit.

One way of doing that and tapping into your authentic self and rediscovering what it is that you really want to be and to share in your life  is to attend the “Awakening the Goddess Within” Women’s retreat in June of 2017.

It is a time to play, relax, rediscover, create, transform and to step into your greatest self along with other women who are ready to make empowering change in their lives and thus for those they love.

This Women’s retreat feeds the mind, the spirit and the body in fun, nurturing and delicious ways, (including belly dance, yoga, a chocolate class and much more!)

Check out the link below for more details.


Remember to take the word Courage, really feel into it and step into your grandest self!

Much love and hugs!


Move forward in Courage and love.


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Transformation and Rising From The Ashes!

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, I feel like I have gone through a transformation in my life!

My journey over the past 6-9 months led me from moving from Dallas to Bastrop and then to renting a room in south Austin with a landlady that was extremely challenging to live with.

I found on my journey that I attracted several different “characters” in my life play that either reflected back to me what my beliefs were, ( which  no longer served me), or they gave me the opportunity to learn about my own strengths and how to stand up for myself instead of allowing myself to be walked on or taken advantage of.

People treat us the way we allow them to treat us and if someone is dominating, manipulative or controlling towards you then it is a good time to mentally step back and ask yourself a couple of questions.

1.Am I in integrity with myself and expressing my truth and how I feel?  (Without being ugly, yelling or being demeaning to the other person.)

2.Is there something that is said that I don’t see about myself and I need to consider their point of view?  (Without self judgement)

If you find “repeating” going on, especially from different people then it is time to look at your beliefs and if like Dr. Phil says, “And how is that working for you?”

What I kept bumping into were people that kept insisting that the only way to make money is to work your A– off even if you are in physical pain or you don’t have time to go visit your family, etc.

I know many people who choose not to believe that and not only are they enjoying their life while making a good income but they feel great in their bodies.

So obviously this was a belief that was being reflected back to me which was something I needed to look at and to change for my own well being.

This one is a very common belief for most people and that is that life is a struggle which is necessary to survive. As long as you hold that belief then it will be true for you.

With my transformation, (which is a continual journey especially since I’ve decided that I wanted change in my life and we usually get what we ask for), I have attracted some amazing people that are happy, authentic, thriving and have learned or are learning to let go of that old belief and create a new belief that better serves them.

I also work with a coach that calls me on my sh– and keeps me from back sliding into what no longer serves me which I am grateful for.

I have moved from chaotic to calm and peaceful.

I now live in a home that I share with a couple and it is like living on a sanctuary.

It is surrounded by trees, has a pond with a waterfall in it and is very serene.

I wake up in the mornings and meditate in the sauna and end my evenings sitting out next to the atrium gazing up at the stars in the country sky as I’m sipping on my hot tea and thinking of all that I am grateful for.

My new housemate is also one of my business partners as we will be holding women’s retreats in this tranquil and awe inspiring setting.

In my bathroom are these two hangings which are very symbolic to me.20170420_193150


The lion signifies courage and the butterfly signifies transformation.

I share my experience to encourage you in your own journey and to let you know that if you hold to your desires and keep moving forward in courage, there will be a beautiful transformation.

Not to say that it is an easy journey, but like the caterpillar going through the different stages of change, you too will transform into that beautiful and magnificent butterfly.

Much loves and hugs on your journey!

I believe in you!


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Challenging Times Makes You Stronger?

Hmmmm. ….well it all depends on how you handle them.

The last couple of weeks have been nothing short of challenging with a mix of new doors opening and amazing friendships and business partnerships coming into my life.

My past room mate reminded me that the closer you get to a big breakthrough is when the most challenges occur.

Ever felt like you were being pushed past your limits and you quickly learn that you survive and you find a new found strength within that you didn’t know you had?

I had to leave a situation earlier then I thought, my prior living arrangements, due to a landlady that obviously feels that manipulation and control is the way to communicate. Without going into details the last episode left me rather unnerved and questioning the safety of my beloved cats and  my overall peace of mind which had already been severely uprooted by this person.

Without knowing where I and my kitty girls were going to “land”. I quickly got us out of there.

Have you ever found yourself in unexpected situations that you haven’t a clue what you are going to do, yet you knew you had to do something different and quickly?

Have you learned something about your own strengths in these matters?

And what did you decide to do?

When I look back on the situation, I realize that the landlady was obviously dealing with her own insecurities and was a very unhappy person.

Even though I tried being her friend and I had witnessed sides to her personality that were amazing, I also was no longer willing to play the emotional game and stay in those kind of life sucking energies!

Why  I bring this up is because I know that there are many people that try so hard to please people like this, try not to make waves and are constantly walking on egg shells.

Is this really living life to the fullest!

Is this a life of joy and fluidity or a life of unease and stagnation?

Now that that chapter has ended in my life and I’ve decided to move forward, so many doors have opened and I had places open up to me and my kitty girls that were peaceful and nurturing to the spirit.

The last 4 days I spent in a beautiful home in San Marcos, TX which was surrounded by nature. Feeding herds of deer in the morning and sipping hot tea on the patio next to the soothing sound of a nearby fountain was a few of the ways I was able to relax and replenish.

Part of moving forward in these kind of situations is an act of Faith, Trust and Self love even if it seems scary.

It is better to step forward in Faith knowing that God, a higher power or whatever you choose to call it is always there to catch you, instead of waste away in a toxic environment that slowing eats away at your Spirit.

We are all here with a precious gift to share.

God’s gift to us is life, what we do with our lives is our gift back to God.

We all have a choice and for those that live in fear all we can do is love and bless them where they are at and remove ourselves from the chaos.

We are not our brother’s keepers and to allow people to mistreats you only teaches them that their behavior is acceptable and they never have a reason to change.

Can challenges make you stronger?

Yes they can!

Step forward in Faith, Trust and know that you are never alone.

Much loves and hugs!

Jisele Tuuri



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Love, Love, Love!


Ah the magic of love!

How it makes you feel, the way it makes you look younger, gives you more energy and puts a shimmer in your eyes!

Do you have a special someone in your life?  One who makes you all happy and giddy when you are in their presence?

Tis a wonderful feeling and yet I want to ask you if you realize just how special you are with or without that “special someone”?

Do you already feel happy and lovable within yourself and any special someone in your life just adds to that feeling?

Today is Valentines day.  I am single and at this time not in a relationship but this special day of LOVE, BEAUTY AND APPRECIATION reminds me that I can also have that for myself.

Besides I want to be my very best friend and realistically how can you have a deep relationship with someone else if you don’t have one with yourself.

This topic really makes me think because the qualities I desire in a partner are the same qualities that I need to extend to myself.

I desire to have someone who is fun, fit, health minded, playful, sexy, kind, patient, understanding and compassionate.

Someone who loves life and is willing to stretch and grow into their best self without comprise or settling for less.

Hmmm.  Am I doing that for myself?

On this beautiful day of LOVE and everyday, I encourage you to ask yourself the same question and then love yourself enough to do that for yourself.

We attract in our life what we nurture and become.

Much love and big hugs!


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New Changes

Change is a constant in life and some changes flow better than others.

Of course the ease or difficulty of the flow of change depends on each individual.

I look back over my life at the many changes I have experienced and some of them endured, from relocating several times and loss of loved ones in the distant past either through death or divorce.

But the beauty of it all is that we all survive, learn from the experiences and hopefully grow stronger from them.

Ultimately change can be transformative in a beautiful way if you allow it.IMG_20140512_111744

What changes have you gone through and how has it benefited you?

Notice I ask how they benefited you.

We get to choose how we view life experiences. We can either look at how something or someone hurt us and is the cause of why something isn’t working in your life or how has it assisted us in becoming stronger, better and/or helped us to understand ourselves at a deeper level.

There are never victims unless you choose to be one.

Unfortunately “bad” things or experiences can happen in anyone’s life, but how do you choose to perceive it?

Recently I had the experience of meeting someone who had been physical abused over 10 years ago, domestic violence, and she still held it in her mind and in her body in the present moment.

She carried and displayed a lot of anger, emotional and physical pain and always seemed to expect the worse.

As it would have it, that is exactly what she receives because whatever you believe becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

I did my best to show her compassion and understanding as well as encouragement without taking on her victim mentality or energy.

If anyone thinks that what I just said wasn’t nice, let me ask you this.

If I were to get involved in her “story” would I have been helping her or keeping her in her painful mindset thus robbing her of a beautiful life/future?

It is better to love yourself and that person by moving away from the topic and when needed to disconnect from them if they choose to continue on that path.

Otherwise you are enabling them and hurting yourself.

I would like to suggest that you take the time to look at your own life and of those you associate with, look at the changes that either has been or are now being experienced and honestly ask this question.

“In this moment of change, is it being resisted as in a victim mentality, “they/it did it to me” or as a chance to grow and become stronger in  life?”

Change can be beautiful, no matter what cloak it chooses to wear.

There is always a message or a gift within each experience.

Much love, beauty and light.

Ultreya! Move forward in courage.


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Life is a Dream

Life is a Dream.

But who’s dream is it?

Most everyone is familiar with the song, “Row, row, row  your boat”  and to me it has a great message to it.

“Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream…….”

To me this means that we get to choose or design our life but how many times do we live our lives by someone else’s dream or expectations?

The part where it says, “Gently down the stream” is the opposite of struggling or trying to force something up  stream.

Which brings me to the questiion that if it really is your own dream and not someone elses then shouldn’t you be flowing and not struggling?

Living your own dream is living your own passion which ultimately brings joy and fulfillment to your life.

My question to you is how do you feel about your life and are you doing what feels right for you?

Are you trying to please someone else or do something because you are expected to do a particular thing?

“Row,row, row your boat, gently down the stream.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream”

These are deffinitely words to ponder and to not take lightly because we are on4bd9fd05-cb21-4b9a-bc8c-3b363db865b6ly considering our life here, which is huge.

Are you going down stream or up stream?

Believe me when I say that this is a question I have to ask myself as well because I like everyone else have been conditioned by well meaning authority figures in our life.

So who’s dream is it?

Big hugs and Happy travels!



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